The Best Detox Everyone Should Do

There are so many good detoxes and cleanses to do. Old remedies, long forgotten by most medical professionals, are slowly coming back because people want to learn more. I love Consumer Power! Detoxes lead to large weight loss too, it’s not just a cleanse. of body and mind. As the body keeps toxins where they do less harm, in fatty tissue, it can let go of the storage. Over weight is not only about calories. That’s why people that eat healthy plant-based food, even if they eat a lot of fat and carbs, are seldom over weight.

detox-weight loss

Over the years I have worked with many cleanses and detoxes. At our Olive Retreat we teach you a few safe remedies, both mind and body detoxes, that you can do at home. Actually, it’s the same overall health. They can’t be separated, just as you can’t be separated from your environment. I mean everything! People you meet, the air you breathe, the water you use, the things you buy… You’d be surprised how resolving a conflict all of a sudden can bring a better digestion and healthy. It’s all connected and the mind is in every cell, just as Ayurveda described 4000 years ago. We have seen it many times.

The best detox is the daily one. I repeat!


This is how it’s done in three steps;

1) Start eliminating toxins in your life like household chemicals, cosmetics and additives in food, that you didn’t even know you had around you. Use half doses , only use perfume on your clothes and cosmetics when you can’t avoid it, buy organic chemicals, etc, etc.

2) Then get rid of the toxins you are aware of, and maybe addicted to; alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs, toxic food (animal-based food included) and medicine. Notice if the bad habit has you, instead of you having a bad habit. Seek help if you can’t get rid of them.

3) Start eating and drinking as healthy as possible; an all plant-based diet, organic, local and whole foods and drinks, that you tolerate well.


There is no one-fits-all, except for the above Daily Detox. The more daily detox the better and many times that is enough for most problems to go away for ever, also for getting rid of depression and aggressiveness! If not seriously ill, you can let the change take time if that works best for you. Most start changing a few meals, getting eco detergents, new cosmetics, then more and more, until a healthy detoxing lifestyle most of the time. Then they can also let go of the anti-acid drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressants, anti-everything. Our most common medicinal drugs might be quick fixes but make it worse in the long run, and is on the top 10 list of most common reasons of death (number 4 usually) in the industrialized world.


The intestinal detoxes are often done to get rid of parasites and other unfriendly microbes. If you have eaten animal produce and sometime taken antibiotics, you probably have a few of those unwanted guests in you. Over 90% come from animal food and the rest from soil and water. This is also a reason why vegans live so much longer. The best fridge is always the tree. The shorter time from the soil and tree to the mouth, the better. The nutrients decline from the moment you pick them, as they have to be consumed by the fruit itself. In the mainstream supermarkets an apple can have been picked 5 weeks before you see it. If you buy locally grown, you will also become a conscious consumer. Poco a poco, step by step, that’s the Olive Life. Only if you are ill you have to run, then you can’t let it take time.

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