It Should Float and Have Form – What Am I Talking About?

It should float, be in one piece, not smell too bad, and you should do it every day. Yes, I’m talking about your stool. I decided to spare you the pictures in this blog (you can google it), part of a series on digestion, that I will end tomorrow with tips on cleanses you can do.

I haven’t met many adults that haven’t gotten a few, or many, symptoms of a digestive disorder. Something we just have to live with? No, not at all! If you get tired after eating, flatulence, acid reflux, bloated or discomfort, it might be a sign to think about what you eat, before it gets worse. A good check of your inside is what comes out. You check your babies, and your pets poo, why shouldn’t you check your own? Animals do, why shouldn’t we? So lets talk about your poo.

If it’s not floating, you probably haven’t eaten enough fiber rich food. If it’s not got a form, but is all loose or pieces, you probably haven’t digested properly, and therefore might have missed out on nutrients. If it’s sticky you might have eaten to much gluten, refined wheat and white rice. A strong acid smell indicates rotten food meaning animal food (could also be your normal gut flora). If it is rotten food it can harm your intestine walls. The healthiest bellies eliminate once a day and goes through unnoticed. Be aware if it does. The next step is if you have mucous, dark spots or blood. Then I suggest you get it checked. Need I say that vegans always have a perfect one?

Notice when and how you eliminate. Body awareness is natural, but unfortunately nothing our society appreciate much, although I see a clear change nowadays. I do believe we can be modern and natural at the same time. If most of us aren’t ‘natural’, does that make us unnatural? I guess so, or at least unhealthy. Just look around you; how many are overweight? Ask around; how many take medicine of any kind? There are so much good with modern life, and I’m hugely grateful to live now and here (specially being a woman). I can only guess how it was to live in other times, even in the jungle, and I don’t think I want to go back, but health (Prana) is lost, and I believe we can do both modern and natural. So start accepting, and check your poo!

2 thoughts on “It Should Float and Have Form – What Am I Talking About?

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