Your Best Alert System

At Olive Retreat we teach our clients to work on their body awareness to find out what is healthy for them, and we use yoga as an evident tool to get it back. We had it as small kids but lost it. The healthier you get the more in touch you get with yourself. At the same time, use science and statistics, if it is not to confusing for you. Not only one study but several, to find out what is healthy for most people. It says a lot but not all for you as an individual.

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Science (not publicity!) say that plant based food is the best food to avoid disease, over weight, mood swings, and other serious and not so serious health issues. With that information you only get an idea of what is worth trying. If you are amongst the ones that say you thrive on the food you eat, but get tired after eating, bloated, over weight, bad breath, have nutrition related health issues, you were probably not so well in touch with yourself when claiming that. You simply didn’t read your body’s warning system, or you ignored it. That’s why the body awareness is key to get healthy.

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Still though, there is no one fits all. First of all we are born with a different micro-biome or possibility to produce bile or enzymes. It’s impossible with todays methods, to find out exactly what is healthy nutrition for each individual. That’s why many times the food-intolerance tests are just confusing and we don’t even have a clear picture of what is causing digestive problems. Our experience is that long periods of stress and some infections, can mess up any strong belly, specially in combination. The problems can build up and be noticeable long after, making it even harder to find the cause. The food we eat the most of would give us a reaction, like wheat and dairy. It might not be that these are worse than other food, just that we eat them very often. There is well funded evidence even to celiac being a bug enhanced disease.

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Stress is a system we need to react quickly to a threat, stopping some of our body systems like the digestive one. You are simply not supposed to feel like eating or reproducing when running away from the a lion. Todays long term stress, with the biochemistry that stops the digestive system, means you will eat when you are not prepared to digest. That’s why meditation that lowers stress hormones, can be better than any other remedy. Food will rotten (animal food) or ferment (plants) in the intestine and cause the thin soft wall to break and the gut flora to be altered. If you then are unlucky and get a bug in your food (98% comes from animal produce) you might take antibiotic, you won’t be able to get the nutrients you need…the vicious cycle has started. You see how hugely important our bellies are? Love it! Don’t stress, at least not when you eat, and don’t put poison in it like alcohol, additives, sugar, heavy metals, drugs, or any toxics.

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