CVD is Not a Disease, It’s a Dysfunction

You have probably heard of a common cause of CVD that we eat; the so called trans fats. In some areas, like NY, it is now forbidden to sell produced trans fats, i.e. hydrogenated (hardening of) vegetable oils, found in margarine, dressings, cookies, crisps, etc. But they still allow the largest source of these toxins, animal-based fats. You can also create it yourself, unknowingly by deep frying in high temperature. If you stay away from it a few weeks you will probably notice as it will make you sick when eating it again.

NY ban trans fats

The greatest intake of these dangerous fats, seen as a main cause of CVD, (like hardening of the arteries, i.e. arteriosclerosis), oxidation of healthy cells, cancer, Alzheimer’s and much, much more, comes from animal based food. Imagine then deep fried animal food! It’s like eating inflammation, acid, disease. The good news is that it is so easy to reverse disease by simply eating much more plants and of course stop putting toxins in your body; alcohol, smoke, food additives, chemicals from beauty products, domestic chemicals, etc (see previous blogs). A CVD or cancer that your lifestyle has given you during 10 years or more can be reversed in 3 months.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.43.12 AM

They call it dis-ease. I call it dys-function. Disease ‘happens to you’, like an infection, suffering an accident, or a huge mental stress. What we caused to ourselves is not unlucky, it’s more of a dysfunctional lifestyle. We just have to be a bit ‘unconventional’, because the conventional makes us ill. If we do, we are more healthy, and much better prepared for the ‘accidents’ that might occur as simply being part of life. So what is that ‘unconventional’ we need to be? This study in a highly prestigious paper from the American Food and Nutrition Board, concludes that CVD is so clearly correlated to trans fats and LDL cholesterol, and that it’s obvious that the only recommendation would be to eat ‘0 percent’. However the idea to recommend a vegan diet, is so unthinkable even for these scientists, it doesn’t even cross their mind to stick to their own science. Why, when most poor countries eat much more vegan food and CVD is at least one problem they don’t have.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.44.24 AM

I guess they haven’t travelled much or they stayed in their American hotels, and didn’t try the local food. It’s the modern diet that is a problem. Most ancient food cultures are mainly vegan or vegetarian, also in the US. In Buddhist and Hindu countries it is actually seen as something good to be vegan, as it lowers aggression (more about this.) I’m not saying this to put guilt and blame on anyone. On the contrary, I say this to change the dysfunction to function, the dis-ease to ease. It is the only way to heal. When you see that it is not an accident and only bad genes, there is hope. It’s all about changing the thinking and the lifestyle. If you suffer from a so called ‘chronic disease’ (98% of all diseases in modern countries), you can revers it.

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