Want to Live Longer?

There is no way any health advisor, of any medical profession, can neglect the statistics that vegans and vegetarians live longer, healthier and slimmer. If they do, they have simply not done their home work. If it is not evident by just looking at a vegan compared with a carnivore we have known this fact for about 40 years now. Just try it, or if eating more plants seem unthinkably hard for you, you might want to see some research, so continue reading below.

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It’s simple; aging is oxidation caused by toxins becoming free radicals, which you probably heard of. Oxidation is like ‘rusting’ and as iron turns brown, we turn grey haired and wrinkled at sight, but our organs ‘rust’ too, even if you can’t see it. More in detail this oxidation or destruction of our cells is happening as our mitochondria (the ‘power station’) in our cells where food that we eat is converted into cellular energy together with the oxygen we breathe. If it can’t produce energy the cells die, causing aging or a disease on their way to death. To stop this we have an enzyme called SOD (superoxide dismutase). This enzyme activity is much larger if we eat plants. Whereas if we eat animals we get more toxins for the fewer SoD’s to deal with.

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To stop this cellular death we have two choices; stop the intake of toxins, and for those that we can’t avoid we can eat more antioxidants and vitamins and minerals to produce more SOD. There is enough toxins in our environment to cause this oxidation so why willingly put more in us if we have a choice? Now, to the point… A large body of science have showed that a plant based (vegan) diet is helping the cells stay healthy and live longer. And when we study death it is a very clear result, either you are dead or alive, and there is no doubt. What I found over the years is that vegetarians and even better vegans live 17 – 35 years longer than the population in general.

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