“Grandpa, Did you Really Eat Animals?”

Think about it; it’s not long ago doctors recommended smoking. Lucky Strike made publicity claiming it was good against cough. Or sportsmen recommend it to stay fit! This summer vacation I have been catching up on the latest science, a systematic and rather time consuming job, putting the pieces in the puzzle together trying to solve new misters about our biochemistry. It will never end. Science is a process not a product, just like we are. We change all the time. In it’s right context it is a fascinating job, and I’m hugely grateful I didn’t drop out of my statistic courses at university when I didn’t see the purpose of what i perceived as an extremely boring subject at the time.

smoking doctor Lucky strike

There has never been as many  easily found studies about plant based (vegan) food and health as now. The trend is clear, it’s a big wave of change and can all be part of it. Before it has been a very low status science and not many of the prestigious medical journals like JAMA, would publish studies on the healing powers of food. It seems that they can’t avoid reality anymore, even if plant producers can’t afford much publicity in their papers, as Big Pharma can, they publish more nutritional studies than ever. Information spread throughout internet is surely part of the change, as it’s harder to censor news today. Even animal protein loving authorities, equally paid by the industry, like NHI and FDA, recommend that we eat less animal sourced protein. That was unheard of only 10 years ago!

doctor smoking

What struck me is that like cigarettes 30 years ago, it is just obvious it is not as healthy to eat animal sourced food as it is to eat plant based food. All the science in the world won’t change peoples mind if they have experienced it themselves. Also considering that the pharmaceutical drugs can’t heal us, but rather cause new problems, is also starting to show. Remember it is a fairly young market that really only took off after the WWII.

I’m sure our grandkids are going to ask us if we really did eat animals, astonished over how ignorant we were. And we will answer that we simply didn’t know better, that we believed it was healthy and trusted the doctors that prescribed drugs against the diseases in large caused by the food. Just as we ask our grandparents if they really thought cigarettes were good for them! Soon not even Santa can convince us animals are healthy food, and I will in a series of blogs go through some interesting nutritional scientific studies on this.

santa smoking

But as I said, studies are great, they give us an idea to try out, but the truth is only what your body tells you when you have tried it. Give yourself 3 months of a total plant based healthy diet, that’s all it takes for you to notice a difference. I bet you, you will reverse your disease, get rid of health issues, lose weight, feel happier, and more loving. Remember how you felt after only 1 week at our Olive Retreat. Come on, do it!


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