Immigrant or Not is Just a Question of Time



What makes us think we have more right than others to be in a certain place on this earth. We were all ‘immigrants’ at one point, specially when we see it from a non human view. Think of all the animals and plants that silently have given up their space for us. Now, this thinking is an ‘out of the box thinking’. When you scrutinize your believes, things start happening in you. It affects you in many ways both physically and mentally. There is no right and wrong, there is only what you want to believe; oneness or alienation, sharing or greediness, or any other moral value you might have. Our first Olive O7 Principles is that there are no principles. The point is to think, and to find out what you actually believe is right, and not just gulp the conventional. Feel in! Why? Because that’t what health is about. Ask yourself, not others.

Who can make themselves God, and tell others what to believe? That’s just another form of fascism. We can only act on our own believes, and stand up for them. If they come from your inner Self, there is self respect and it’s easy. If they don’t, it’s hard to stand for and we use violence to enforce inherited believes. Make your own moral values (Yama in Ashtanga Yoga).

The immigration problem is just one issue, there are many other hot potatoes. To think is mind detoxing, evolution is healthy and we change or mind and cells all the time. The opposite is stagnation and it’s unhealthy. So let yourself change with the world, it’s all connected anyway, and the ones that resists change, in all areas, feel bad. It’s the contrary to convention and imposed rules from the old world. Life is a constant balance back and forth, just like the billions cells in your body; we want one thing, then we want the other, always change and movement – that’s life. As soon as your believes become a dogma, you are a fundamentalist. As soon as a your cells stop evolving and changing you get ill.

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