Intuition is Oneness


Marcel Proust is talking of  ‘Outrospective’, the study of everything from the perspective outside ourselves. This is easily done by traveling when we get cultural shocks, when getting to know others and other things, or as Kathryn Schulz said, ‘seeing the world as it isn’t’. If you add compassion (Not pity! It’s the opposite of compassion) to the glasses you see through, you are sooner or later getting that feeling of Oneness, that I believe is the fast lane to all we want to achieve; love (self love too), health, happiness… It’s faster than the right exercise, the right food, the positive thinking.

Mindful traveling (no quick visits in 5 start hotels) is the best way to learn and understand others, but unfortunately it is not economically possible to do for most people in the world. But today there is less need for it to truly understand others. More than any other time in history, there is a vast and remarkable potential to spread experiences, life stories and compassion with people that have come to you (immigrants) and of course as I’m doing now, through the Internet, connecting us all in a huge Oneness Network.

ladies talking

The one thing we need to feel Oneness is to communicate, so we need a language. I do my communication in English, it is not my maternal language (which you have probably noticed) but I don’t mind a few orthographic mistakes and an unsophisticated language, as long as my message is clear, and the ones that get stuck on the spelling mistakes that slipped through my spell check, or my accent when speaking, have missed the whole point, and I believe they are far from compassion, health, happiness…and the messages given to them anyway. I’m pretty sure that they rather read English than the other four languages I speak. I won’t stop writing, as I believe in freedom of speech, with spelling mistakes too! 🙂 and I hope you won’t stop either. Write your story, read others, understand and feel your Oneness. Nothing is healthier. Exercise that feeling, cause it gets better and better, and noting will spring up and tell you clearer and quicker, what to do when you have a decision to make. Intuition is Oneness. Let is speak!

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