The Feeling of Oneness is in All of Us – Bring it Out!

The willingness to stand up against abuse, in any form, comes when there is a fundamental feeling of oneness, when we let it out, because it’s in all of us, in some a little bit deeper but it’s there, and what stops it is based on fear. When we feel (Yes, I say feel because it is about feeling, not just understanding with the intellectual mind) that we are one, that what I do to myself I do to you, and what I do to you I do to myself. Everyone is affected more or less; my children, my parents, friends, unknown, animals, plants, everything and everyone. Think about it; when I use chemicals that are harmful to me, or when I read about or see violence, when I buy things just because I can but not because I need… it all affects a much larger space than my own. It affects all the people involved in the production, their families, friends…You see? We are all one, connected, and all violence and abuse is affecting us, and there are more and more awareness of it through the spreading of information like this campaign against animal testing.


Modern science has over and over again proven that the person who acts, the action, and the receiver is directly connected, and the outcome will depend on who these are. I don’t need science to tell me that. If I look at someone of course it affects both of us. It’s not only amongst humans, it’s amongst animals and the whole planet, the whole universe. Parents have so many secrets, like where the nuggets really come from, because most parents feel it’s wrong but reluctantly accept it, the kids would become vegans it they knew. Imagine if we show them how they treat the chicken before they chop them up! Mandela was right; We are not born to hate, we learn to hate. Look at the (boys) toys and TV!

kids watch vilence tv

All fascism is enforced with violence in one way or the other and there is no freedom of speech. As long as we see ‘them and we’, there will always be domination. The ultimate Justice can only be created based on Oneness with All. To care is also to say No! The abuser will only exist if we allow it to exist, just as the circumstances create the thief. We can all be thieves or abusers, as we can all be victims and abused. It’s all connected and both are needed for the abuse and the theft to take place. It’s up to us, in every moment, to reflect upon what is right. And it might not be what the law says is right. When we allow our inner to speak there is oneness, when we allow the outer to make the decision there is often abuse; of humans, of animals, of the earths resources, etc. Only because we can get away with steeling, it is not right to do so. Only because we can abuse, it is not right to do so. Only because we can afford something, it might not be right to buy it either.

dilbert sociopath


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