Blissful shopping is not always blissful testing!

If we buy sugar free, we get sweeteners, if we buy colorful food, we get coloring, if we don’t want to cook food, we get pre fab with taste enhancers, if we don’t want the water to separate from the fats in lotions and milk, we get homogenizers. If we buy food and cosmetics with harmful substances we indirectly ask the producers give us potentially harmful substances. These have probably been tested on animals so that we can shop in blissful ignorance. EU finally banned animal testing for cosmetics, but most of it is done in the US or in China, like these common brands:

animaltested brands


There are several sites that offer information about which products to don’t test on animals and how help to stop it. Here are two sites I use. Also you can download apps for your mobile to have it handy in the shopping aisle (like the Good Guide).

In the US where 20 million animal tests are done every year. I guess test labs are excluded from the animal well fare laws? Not many know where the labs are and much less what they do (I spare you the pictures). Someone that is kind to their dogs and horses but eats meat and uses lipstick that has been tested on animals, is looking away. Ignorance is bliss? Not for the animals! We simply get what we buy. That’s what Conscious Consumerism is about! When companies are allowed to only have earnings as objective, our money is responsible for what they produce and the impact it creates on the planet and us. When we stop this we truly detox!

map-animal testing USmap animaltesting

Controlling authorities like FDA are not doing enough, partly because these authorities get most of their money from the companies they control. The public opinion is clearly against it but we still buy the products, why?  (See the picture with red dots that show how many in the population that are against animal testing for cosmetics). Probably because consumers have not taken the time to figure out the alternatives. That’s why so many organizations popped up helping us to be Conscious Consumers. This is a great site from Australia.

Shop Ethical

Tomorrow you’ll get a recipe for a cleansing routine and a ‘lotion’: Shake it, don’t fake it!

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