The Olive Retreat Facial

I also believed the publicity of fashionable cosmetic brands and bought expensive creams…until I studied chemistry and understood what it was they made me pay for, and pay a lot! When I got out of the shock I realized that we basically pay for the same non-natural harmful chemicals as we find in cheap creams at the supermarket, (and in some household chemicals!), and we gladly pay 100 euros for a small jar (or 300 for La Mer). Same stuff, just another bran and price. Ignorance is bliss? No, not bliss, just ignorance.

dangerous cosmetics

So I found ‘natural’ brands. They were great, until they grew big. Brands like Dr. Hauska, Weleda, Lush, Caudalie, Body Shop, etc, they all start out so nicely, with all (almost) natural ingredients. But as soon as they grew, as soon as they need storage, and far away transports, they also need preservatives and other substances to keep it from rotting so they ad alcohols, parabens and other killers. What’s the point in buying creams made of a few organic oils, if the rest of the ingredients come from petroleum? Big business is just not compatible with staying natural.



So I started making my own mixes. Small amounts in small bottles, or even directly in my hand before putting it on my skin, so they don’t go rancid. Today I wouldn’t dream of putting anything unnatural on me, nor eat it. Here is a recipe we use at our retreats. I got it from models I worked with. They wouldn’t put any of them on their skin (only make publicity for them) not even the ones that claim they are for sensitive skins.

Olive Retreat Facial (only use the ingredients you tolerate)

  • Cleansing Mask; warm your skin with steam to open the pores. Mix wheat (or oat) flower with a little water, apply thin layer and let it sit until dry. Scrub it of with wet organic coffee as used in a French press. Be careful around the eyes where the skin is thin.
  • Nurturing Mask; mix a half soft avocado with a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon or water, apply and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Moisturize; mix half a teaspoon clean filtered water with olive oil, almond oil or any other oil, in your hand and apply. You can add an essential oil that your skin agrees with.


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