Vanilla Candles Don’t Smell Nice, They Smell Cancer

Next time you smell detergents, air fresheners, perfumes, house hold chemicals, hairsprays, cosmetics, etc, notice what it does to your nose. They don’t smell nice, or clean, they smell allergy, asthma, cancer and other diseases. Our houses are storages of chemical bombs, and most of it in reach for kids to drink.

kids household chemicals

If you don’t drink it (!) you still notice the danger if you mindfully smell it. Then you will most likely feel a stickiness in the tissue of your nose straight away, and even if you don’t feel it, it affects you. Children are more sensitive. The problem is that we nowadays believe that chlorine smells clean and water smells nothing. Just like kids in Jamie Oliver’s test pick the fake strawberry ice cream and think it is the ‘real’ one. We are so surrounded by chemicals that many have forgotten the ‘real thing’. I recommend you stay away from everything, but if you can’t start smelling!


Another way to notice the poisons in your environment is to notice if your nose feels clogged as if your nostrils are swollen. This is sinusitis, a clear sign that you are sensitive to something. Our bodies gives signals in many ways depending on your individual dominant biochemistry. If we are doing something that in the long run can cause disease we can get signals like getting bloated, headache, pain in the joints, soar throughout, itchy skin or eyes, etc. If you only let your body speak up you will learn how it signals to you. Listen and respect. When you do, you help your family, others and the Earth by avoiding it too. You will probably also see that there are no mainstream chemicals that don’t harm you. Sorry!

dangerous chemicals

We learnt to accept, adjust and not use the warning systems so many don’t feel it anymore. But it’s easy to get back to smelling, or if that is too complicated just avoid most of them: Formaldehyde in air fresheners, cationic agents dye and perfume in detergents and non-ionic detergents, sodium hypochlorite in bleach, ammonia in cleaners (these two combined form the deadly gas like the one Saddam Hussein used to kill the Kurds), dishwashing liquids, are some of the household chemicals that severely harm us daily, but we don’t reflect upon. You can eat all the healthy food you want but if you breath these toxins everyday you haven’t helped yourself much, nor the Earth. Three rules when using household chemicals;

  • Question if you really need it. If you do find your eco brands (use less of these too)
  • Stay away from the worst chemicals. Here is a good site from a great research center to find out which they are read more here.
  • Always use much less than the recommended amounts

chemicals household

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