The Greenhouse Footprint of what You Do

The worst polluter is the person that eats meat three times a day, over eats, buys clothes and things without blinking, drives a large 4WD, rather takes takes the plane to have a meeting than do a skype meeting, plays golf and leaves all the lights on so that it’s nice and cosy to come back home. Do you know anyone like this?

If you are, or aspire to be, it is probably time to rethink your lifestyle as it is not very healthy for you nor for our Earth. In Berlin is a very interesting city in many ways. They push the conventional believes and find new was to live. They still play golf (the most polluting sport) but not on big lawns that require watering and loads of pesticides. They use large areas of abandoned industries. If you love to play golf why not try a less polluting?

berlin golf

I have mentioned it so many times, that food from animal sources is a huge polluting industry so why not cut down your intake with 30%, or 50%. That would be doing the Earth a huge favor. You will probably loose some weight and LDL cholesterol too. Your heart, the Earth and your grandkids will be thank you for it.

Greenhouse per food

Warning! What ever you do when you start thinking in these terms, rule number one is that it always has to be good for you (too). If you at a moment just don’t have time or knowledge to buy the right thing, don’t beat yourself up thinking you are a bad, bad consumer helping Big Business and hurting small farmers. As with everything, guilt and blame doesn’t help, you will probably just give up, and the only thing you achieved is to feel bad and building up your un-health instead of your health (and others) and probably not change your habits to less polluting anyway.


Having said that don’t be lazy or uncaring either. That’s not healthy. Studies show that having a bad conscious is very unhealthy. Give yourself some time to google and search for information, take the habit of calling producers, ask shop attendances and when the work is done you got your favorite brands and can relax for a few years. When I move to new places (so far about every 10 years or so) I do the whole process all over again. It takes me about 2 weeks of ordinary shopping and then I know where to find my good goods. Don’t fool yourself, be honest, you will only feel bad if you look away. So detox your mind and body. What seams clean is not always clean.

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