3 things to consider when being a Conscious Consumer

Do you think about how much pollution you support when buying a new bag or a new shirt? Do you think about how much water you use when you brush your teeth? Do you think twice when you buy household chemicals? Do you consider the treatment of animals and farmers when you buy food? Do you reflect upon how all this affects you?


I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t think about all this. I certainly have met many that push the thought away, telling themselves that they will consider all this when they have more time, when they have earned the right amount of money, when… That moment never comes, the problems just grow. In this case the problem spells; unhealthy You and the Earth! Our experience is that as soon as you find something in your doings as wrong (even if you blame others or the whole society), you will get more and more unhealthy. When we look away we lose Prana (the energy of life and vital force). It is impossible to look the other way, as it will only get stuck in you.


This summer we will give you some ideas on how to get healthy in this part of life by being a Conscious Consumer. It is as important (maybe more) as to think about your protein intake and your exercise for your health. The beautiful thing is that it goes hand in hand. What is healthy for you is healthy for others, and for the Earth. There exists no science nor evidence that something that is good for you will be bad for others, or vv. Consider the economy; do you know of any economic theory where a country can thrive long term while the neighbor is poor? Of course not, the neighbor simply can’t buy stuff from you and will probably send you poor immigrants. Do you know of any chemical that stays only in you and don’t affect others when inhaling, eating or putting it on your skin? Is there any nation that keeps its pollution and don’t find it on the other side of the world? Of course not! The basic rule in any ‘becoming good’ starts with you.

Here are the 3 areas to consider for your own health when buying things, and if you only consider number 3 it is enough to start with, as it also takes care of the other two.

  1. The impact on Nature 
  2. The impact socio-economic impact
  3. The impact on You

What ever stopped you from getting this ‘thinking’ done before, what ever you have been told to do, what ever your friends, siblings or others do, it’s not important. Feel your gut feeling, feel in not out! Do what you honestly consider ‘good’. Read, google, ask others, or just use your common sense, and what ever you do, don’t beat yourself up for not having done it before. It’s never too late!

heart people we become our actions

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