Good people – good leaders – good country

Yesterday we blogged about an Index launched by Simon Anholt and his team, who helps leaders with Nation Branding. The index tells us how ‘good’ different countries are. For me it was beautiful to see how the index gathers the people of a nation in the same way as we can see each individual. At Olive Retreat we break the conventional rules and mainstream thinking to mind detox and give birth to what each of our guests find healthy for them. When you see that you have a choice, you can chose to be ‘good’. Like this beautiful piece of news that made my day when I read it (and still does).

runner helps other win


This young runner realized that the winner stopped running 10 meters before the finish line, thinking he reached it. Instead of passing him, which would have made him the winner, he tries to tell him to continue running and almost pushes him to win. His only comment after, was that he didn’t reflect, he just did what he thought was right. Beautiful!

In my previous jobs I had TV screens shouting out ‘news’ all the time from different channels and from all parts of the world. One day I realized how it affected me, when I thought it didn’t. Of course it does! Now I try to avoid news that won’t give me the ‘goodness’ I need to be healthy. I avoid things that make me sad, fearful, or negative without giving something positive, knowledge and learning. Do I really need to know about yet another murder, robbery, accident, child abuse, domestic violence? I decided I don’t. I decided that for the moment I can’t do more than being ‘good’ myself and I know that effects people around me too. Maybe one day I will work for ecological and human rights organizations again, as I did during my university years.

Instead I click the news that gives me a positive energy, and there are so many when you look for them! Here is another one. A new supermarket just opened it’s first store in Berlin that doesn’t have and containers. Fantastic! Think of all the plastic and paper they save. I could be the future way to do your shopping (as we did before) and I hope there will be package taxes to make the change faster to save our environment.

supermarket no packages


‘When you see things through glasses of love everything is beautiful’. So do what you need to do to keep those glasses on to be ‘good’.

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