Is ignorance bliss? No, it’s just ignorance.

I would say knowledge is bliss. The lurking feeling of something being wrong but we don’t know what, is horrible. To look away when we know that it is wrong is even worse, to the point of causing disease. If it is a personal decision you have to make, like buying something, it will clarify your choice by finding out more about it, and get to know what you think about it not what you have been told to think. Even if your decision is to not make a decision. So, no, ignorance is not bliss, and the reality will only hit you harder the longer you pretend it is. To feel in, and find out what you really want, is healing.

Be You

As an important part of healing, wether it is to get rid of a disease, end a relationship, stop smoking, or to lose weight, you won’t heal if you think of yourself as an isolated part of the universe. Because you are not. We evolve with our environment. You can’t heal without also healing others, and the world, and vv. It’s impossible! For all of us it starts within ourselves with faith and care of ourselves. How you do that is up to you, but the most common strategy obviously doesn’t work anymore – ’I just do what everyone else did!’

We call this think process to Mind Detox. It’s a process that goes along side with the Body Detox and it is always an important part of healing. If you want to be healthy you need to eat healthy food. If you want healthy food you need to know how the food is made. When you find out that Methylparaben is an endocrine disruptor (destroy hormones and as such can make you gain weight) you will understand that it is not only a health risk to yourself but to the environment. When you find out that a T-shirt requires 2500 liters of water to produce you might not buy it even if it is on sale. When you understand the environmental impact on eating meat you will probably pick the vegan choice more often. As long as you do what you can, and you decide what your limits are, you will heal. If you go to an extreme, either look away and not wanting to hear, or beat yourself up trying to do more than your circumstances allow, you won’t heal.

T-shirt water usage

This Mind Detox expands your consciousness, and your healing and healthy living goes beyond you. In old philosophies and religions this is a normal process, but where the religions normally tell you what to do and how to think, that’s where they go wrong. The ancient Ashtanga Yoga recommends the opposite. There you write your own ‘Golden Rules’, there you are your own ‘God’ and you have faith in You and your expanded Self. That’s really what health is about.

OO7 Be your own God

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