Geckos are huge, really


it’s normal to see the universe from our human perspective,
where geckos are small creatures, and we, relatively big,
but small at the same time, if standing near, say an elephant,
or under a giant tree.

one day this gecko egg dropped at my feet,
and i sat down on the grass and marveled at its size,
amazed by how big it really is,
how many micrometres is its diameter,
more than 6,000um!

wow, how can anything be so large!
500 times the diameter of one hair on my hand,
as large as, or larger than, the diameter of my accessory cephalic vein!
as large as, or larger than, the diameter of my extensor tendon!
this egg alone may contain as many as, or more than, 2 sextillion atoms,
that’s 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,
in in just one, enormous egg!

Wow, how can anything so big exist?

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