elephants are small, really

it’s normal to understand life in our human version of it,
where elephants are big creatures, and we, relatively small,
but big at the same time,
if we are staring at a twirling sparrow when asking the question.

one day this painting stumbled into me,
and i sat down on the steps,
for perhaps an hour,
amazed by how small elephants really are,
and how, in spite of our best attempts to remove them from the earth,
in good hands,
at least somewhere in time, maybe even space.

perhaps this is just my ability to see more than expected of me,
to see a new understanding of ‘god’,
to see that, perhaps everything is just the way it’s supposed to be,
and somewhere elephants sleep peacefully under the stars,
in a being whose hands are large enough to hold them as i hope to one day,
when with my two hands i can touch the universe softly, and heal it.




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