Alicia is Our First Olive Charity Kid

Bob Marley’s words resonates in me: “My life is only important if I can help people. If my life is only for me, my own security, then I don’t want it.” – Bob Marley


Yesterday Alicia arrived from Sweden, to join our last retreat for the season. She is 18 years old, wants to learn about health and is our first Olive Charity Kid. Over the years we have had students asking for help, but they can’t afford to pay for their stay. Our frustration for having to decline their wishes, for not being able to let them come, barely making it ourselves in our new start-up health business, made us do a promise to ourselves, that one day we would have 1 person come for free at every retreat, who couldn’t pay for their stay. Alicia is our first Olive Charity kid!

bob marley - don't worry


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