A (Vege)-tarian Isn’t Necessarily Healthy!

A common mistake people make, is to assume that if someone is vegetarian, fruitarian, pescatarian (see yesterdays blog) or any other  -tarian, that they automatically are healthy, but that’s not necessarily true. Someone who eats popcorn and drinks coke could be a vegan. Someone who eats doughnuts and drinks coffee all day is an ovo-vegetarian, or if you drink fruit juices and nothing else you would be a fruitarian.

Olive Veggie-tarian

None of them are, in my view eating a healthy diet. When I have a choice, and I do 90% of the times, I choose to eat natural food from plants. Why? Because it is healthy, I don’t want to kill, or pay the killers and the animal keepers, and I don’t want to pollute the world more than necessary by my mere existence. I choose natural food because of the same reasons. It is healthier to eat the whole orange than to make the juice as I then miss out on the fiber. If I don’t process the food I pollute less as I need less kitchen utensils and I use less electricity.

veg svart bakgrund

If I eat the peel I leave less garbage, and I could go on and on. I believe being a minimalistic consumer is better for ones health, others health and the whole world’s health, so I want to be one. It is an active choice. I eat, like most of us, at least 3 times a day. As a conscious eater I make a huge impact. Oh, and yes, I try to only eat food! That’s very important to me. I don’t call pesticides, additives and other chemicals food. And I don’t want to support that industry either. To start thinking in these terms is detoxing, and something we recommend everyone to try. It can be tough at first but as you learn you get more aware, and make choices that give you Prana (vitality and energy). There is a whole movement called Conscious Consumerism about this type of detox. Google it and find out more!




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