What’s Good for Me Might Not Be Good for You

OO7 #1

Many vegan blogs and many “truths” and “right ways” have been banged on your head in the latest blogs, and I stand for all of them. I also stand for you finding your own truths, your own right way. I’ll be the first one to listen, I’ll be the first one to defend your thoughts. But! I will ask of you to have thought, to have looked up information, to make your ideas viable for you. If your answer to my question why you do what you do is “I don’t know”, I’ll give you some time to think. If your answer is well thought through and it works for you and makes you healthy and at peace I’m the first one to support your actions. I might not agree but I will, like Voltaire, defend your right to say it. I’ll be your sparing partner, I’ll be your source of information with all I know, and I’ll help you to find what you don’t know.

voltaire i defend your right to say it

I think you get my point. I think you see, that there is no right nor wrong. No one can tell us what we should believe in. There is only health and peace of mind. Find yours!


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