Vegan Is Not Only Healthy, It Is Right!

At our Olive Retreats, I often say; “You don’t need to be part of the culture you live in, think, and do what feels right”. To become vegan was a decision I made as a mother too. I never forced my family to stop eating meat but they had to “order” it, write it up on the shopping list for me to buy it and later cook it. When my children could cook themselves around 8-9 years of age, I told them to make their own food if it wasn’t vegan. The laziness made them vegan or vegetarian too. Now they are vegan by choice, by thought, by economy, by seeing the obvious and not wanting to take part of the absurd. It comes totally natural to them. They are never tired nor feel sluggish after a meal and they don’t understand how others would want to be. They listen to their bodies, and help them.

raw pyramid

The little you need to know about protein and nutrients is so easy. The Internet generation has information at their fingertips. They question and find out by themselves. I love it, I love them! The other day I met some beautiful vegetarian teenagers at a vegan dinner meeting. They had made up their mind to not support the killing and become healthier by their own learning and choice. It’s the generation of clever, pragmatic, kind and conscious consumers. I just hope they keep their convictions when they get jobs at the multinational corporations!  

vegan right thing to do

The day my youngest daughter, then 16 years, said while snuggling the muzzle of a cow, that she didn’t understand the difference in eating that cow or our dog, I understood that she got it. She said; “If you can’t kill and eat your dog, why would you kill and eat this cow?”

cow cute

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