Do Your Mind Detox

In the Mind Detox Program we use the ancient Vedic method of Ashtanga Yoga but any constructive thinking is good. The first step called Yama, is where you begin thinking about your own actions and come up with your own ideas of what is important for you. It is often translated into the ‘moral codes’. The second step, Niyama, is to practice what you believe in. I don’t particularly like the word moral, as I hear so much convention and established ideas in it, and that’s not what Yama is. More than moral codes it is about what makes you feel at peace and healthy, your ideas of right and wrong, and they are different from any other persons process of thoughts. What counts is what you believe in, not others.

Ashtanga 8 limbs

Why is this so important? There are few things that are so unhealthy as when we look away. When we see things we think are wrong but we don’t change it we lose Prana, vitality, the life energy or life force. Prana is the term for being healthy, to thrive and be alive. To change this is one of the most important things to change for your own health (and for everything around you). If you think it is wrong to litter and you do it anyway, or if you think it is wrong to look away when a kid or a dog is beaten but you do anyway, you will hurt yourself. It is like smoking, overeating, or anything that you do knowing that it hurts you in the long run.

right way wrong way

It is all connected. When you do your Yama-work you will be aware of what is destructive for your health in terms of what you do or don’t do. It is much more likely that you will stop with those destructive habits and stop ‘looking away’ when you reflect upon what to do instead. Sometimes we don’t need more than a little time to stop and think. 30 minutes, that’s all we need, because we already know. There is nothing to figure out, there is only action we need. Just do it!

 heart people we become our actions

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