To be vegan is to unify the selves

I lost my ability to distinguish myself from those I love,
And in those I love, I feel my many selves,
When they suffer, I suffer,
When they are glad, I am glad,
In the lives of those I love,
I am.

One of those I love, is a small border collie, in whose brown eyes I would become a vegetarian,
These eyes would reappear time and again to me, in all living creatures,
Cows, chickens, fish, pigs, horses, birds of all kinds,
Later ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches,
Leaves, stones, rivers, fields of grass,

When I fell in love with a laughing border collie, a specific animal life form,
Four legs not two, barking not talking, a tail, fur and two brown eyes,
I fell in love with all life forms,
In his eyes I lost the ability to distinguish myself from those like him,
From all animals,
From all living creatures.

When we lose the ability to distinguish ourselves from life around us,
We lose the ability to observe its destruction and not feel sorrow,
When we become the life around us, those we love in all forms,
We find it harder and harder,
To rip their skin off,
Burn their dead corpses,
And eat them.





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