To Be Vegan Is Politically Healthy Too

To be vegan is not only healthy, it’s politically healthy too. The subsidies to the agricultural sector in the industrialized countries is going to the sugar, meat and wheat industry. It is the major three groups of food that we eat that cause inflammation in us. We are using our taxes to pay for our unhealthy food. On top of being unhealthy for us, it is very unhealthy for our Earth and we will never be more healthy than our Earth, so why didn’t this come higher up on the political agenda in the EU elections?

kropp som rot

Well, in some countries it did. In Spain for example, at least compared with how it has been before, so let’s hope. It’s clear that more information is the only thing that is going to change this. I have a feeling it is our young voters that are in their twenties or thirties that are going to be the teachers. They can make their grandparents see the facts, because the facts are clear. They have to make them realize that the post war generation are the biggest meat buyers (and the voters for nationalist parties). It is a huge generation gap! Imagine those dinner tables where they still talk politics, and the teenagers try to explain that methane is the worst green house gas, and that the cattle industry is killing both us and our nature.

I hope we can let go of the nationalistic and materialistic post war politics once and for all. We tried it. It didn’t make us very happy! Nor the animals and our Earth. Let us see the global future we already live in. It starts with the concept of oneness; to feel that we are One. With nature, with people, with animals, with all. When we feel that if we spoil or hurt something, we spoil and hurt ourselves, our loved ones, our garden, that is when awareness will rise. That is mind detox.


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