Become healthy, and love yourself more

If the mind and the body are one, as we believe they are,
then a healthy body means a healthy mind,
and a healthy mind,
a healthy body.
Such that we no longer study ourselves,
try and master.

The most interesting thing about health,
is that health, like life, begets health.
And the begetting of health, is the begetting of a journey,
with no conceivable finale, grand or small, slight, or celebrated.

The celebration is in the progress,
as the unity of the self as one, healthy taking-of-flight,
one peaceful releasing of division,
of one, being in self love,
flies, as Rumi said;
“Toward a secret sky,
“Where a hundred veils,”
a hundred illusions
“Fall each moment.”

Tibetan Contemporary Art


Painting by Tsering Nyandak, Tibetan Artist

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