Love Yourself and Become Healthy!

We talk about Love, we want to feel it, receive and give it. But what exactly is love? In the last class at Olive Retreat we talk about Love and all it contains, and what it is for each and one of us? One of our mind detoxing Olive O7Principal Principles, OO7 #1 says: There are no Principles. That applies as much to what Love is, as to everything else in life. There is no right nor wrong. There are as many truths as people asked, and the answer to what is love, is too. What it means for you might not be what it means for me, although many of us have the same truth about Love when we start digging into it.

heart flowers

When you find what love means, what the ingredients are, you basically answer how you want to be loved, and show love. Then the question arises: why is it so easy to love others but not yourself? Health begins here. It begins with knowing what Love is! For oneself. For others. For everything. So think about what it is for you, how you want to be loved and you’ll find out that many things we do and say are not loving. Comparing, controlling, blaming and wanting to change…is not loving! It’s a fine line but the only way to find out if it is love, or the opposite, is to ask. What do you want?

you deserve your love



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