“Internet Has Changed the Way We Live and Learn”

Thank you all in Telecommunications over the years!  Thank you all the internet lovers, for making the market, and all the kids for showing us how to use it. It connects us, gives us a fantastic tool for networking and communication. It allows me to blog for you, and you for me. It allows us to read and learn, to teach and earn.

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We can find like-minded, form movements, start petitions, change what needs to be changed, and know we are not alone, even if I sit in a village in the mountains, where everything looks like it has always done, where I can breath the air that is so clean that even the extinct Imperial Eagle can thrive here. Here, in the bar Troyano, with Juan’s cortado coffee which is to die for, I can be in the world, I can be with you. Soros knew the importance of Internet for democracy movements and set up networks behind the Berlin wall, connecting and informing people, which started the wave that made the it fall.

berlin wall 1989

The Cisco slogan “Internet is going to change the way we work, live, play and learn”, echoes in my mind from the time when I worked in the Telecom industry. I was the Brand Manager for the largest mobile operator in the Nordic countries, and the representative in a forum led by Mona Sahlin, the Minister for Democracy and Integration of Sweden, then the most advanced telecom country in the world, with a market that wanted and adopted, with free-thinking entrepreneurs that developed and offered, and risk-takers that payed and invested.

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The forum was trying to make women entrepreneurs open their eyes for the possibilities that Internet could offer. We did campaigns with funny pictures of Japanese eating Swedish knäckebröd and Swedes buying cool Sao Paulo hats. Today Cisco is one of the biggest companies in the world, with the analog technology long forgotten. Today it’s mostly women that start petitions, that sign them and use social media. Maybe Internet was the forum women needed to be better heard? No, it’s actually nothing new. Women have always been activists, but less risk-taking when violence is involved in the movements. So, is the typical activist a 50 year old woman? Yes, it looks like it.

change charts men-women

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