Organic vs Pesticide Food

Actually it’s called organic vs conventional food, so if you google information to find out if it’s worth buying organic you will find the word “conventional” as opposite to organic agriculture. That irritates me. A lot! Conventional since when? Conventional meaning everyone does it? This is the fundamental problem. We have been made to believe that pesticides and GMO is the way to do it, and organic is “special”, when it is the total opposite. Organic farming has been done for 40 000 years, and “conventional farming” for the last 70 years, and now we finally see the health cost now. Huge costs. The workers know this, look at their outfits!

pesticides man

The day pesticide users are obliged to label what they use to produce the food we eat is when there will be a leap of awareness amongst consumers. That’s when consumers can “see” what they eat. That’s when they will find out that there is no systematic control of those amounts of pesticides with weird names, and they will understand that the “conventional” farming (especially cattle, dairy, wheat and sugar) get huge amounts of their tax money as subsidies while organic farmers (fruit and vegetables) don’t. That’s the day when “conventional” farmers will have to pay controllers to check their production and label their food, and not the organic producers as today.


pesticide men strawberries


So is the sprayed food as nutritious as the organic? Of course it isn’t. Sometimes we see articles that show it isn’t. My first question is; does it really matter? If they were as nutritious but at the same time you get all that poison in you, would you still want it? The more toxins you have in your body the more antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients you need to detox them. So it would be a lost case anyway. Now the truth is that organically produced food has much higher amounts of nutrients than the conventionally produced food. One reason is that they don’t use chemical fertilizers for them to grow quickly and therefore the plant has more time to ripen, taste better and of course have time to suck up more nutrients. More on this tomorrow with some charts for those whom are interested.

organic v conv

Until then you can check out this chart from an extensive (free!) research done over 10 years from University of Stuttgart showing the huge amount of toxins “conventional” food contains vs organic. Unfortunately we can’t avoid it, organic food has it too. It’s everywhere, in the water, the soil, the air,giving us another reason not to promote this business anymore.


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