Soon We Won’t Have Any Apples

Each time we buy non-organic food we buy pesticides, and most probably food from an industrialized production meaning monoculture, chemical fertilizers, etc. All this leads to huge problems. Not only for your health but for others as well. One little servant that is absolutely necessary for us, is the bee. Every year 30% of the pollinating bees die and soon we won’t get our pears and almonds. Today bee farmers lock the hives at night, and like imprisoned slaves drive them across the country to pollinate farms that haven’t cared about keeping them in their environment. The other option is to pollinate by hand. It’s costly, crazy and very short sighted. If we don’t stop killing them and start helping them, this is how our food choice will look like in a few years. The US is the worst place, but don’t think that Europe is much better. The results of 60 years of short sighted unsustainable farming clearly shows.

food choice without bees

If we all plant flowers that the bees can feed on in our gardens, along the roads and the fields, we help them hugely. Buy seeds of wild flowers like clover, poppies, alfa-alfa and just plant them in spring. The monoculture has ripped them out and killed them off with chemicals, as undesired weeds. Consequently the bees don’t have any food when the farmers almonds or apples bloom. When they then use insecticides they kill the few bees left, or  leave them with a weaker immune system. Attacked by viruses and parasites the sick bees need more propolis (the natural “antibiotics” they produce) but there are no flowers around. All is very simple. This fantastic and hopeful TED-talk by Maria Spivak, shows how we can all help. Dedicate 15 minutes and begin to understand. Knowledge is the start of action.

TED-talk on Bees and Industrialized Farming


We will never be healthier than the earth we live on. Help it and you help yourself, your loved ones and many others. Also those loyal servants (you didn’t know about?) that help us get our daily food, that are not protected by any tax system, safety authority or police. Unfortunately there is no cost in killing bees, water or air in our market economy. It can only change if we consumers take responsibility for our part in the market chain.


One thought on “Soon We Won’t Have Any Apples

  1. Einstein said that the day bees vanish from earth will go not long after!! Our makeup is not made or are we ready to live a life without these wonderful creatures doing their amazing unrewarded work. Please look after the bee world. Liz 🙂

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