What Do You Need to Be “Soaked”?

A seed is a good metaphor for ourselves. It needs water to wake up, come alive and start growing, then only soil and sunlight. That’s all. What an intelligence! Think about it…a tree can live and thrive in the same place, for hundreds and hundreds of years, grow huge, create an infinite amount of seeds for baby trees, close to the mother tree or far away spread by animals and birds, or the wind, depending on its biological strategy. An abundance that feeds others beyond its own species.


I’m totally impressed! I love baby sprouts and we see how they help us detox at our Olive retreats. We believe we have a lot to learn from this intelligence, an intelligence in the sense of self-sufficiency, self-knowledge and self-respect. An inbuilt acceptance and love towards oneness since the beginning. It’s like a biological self-confidence, an evident and silent cooperation with its environment. That’s what we can learn from them. If the amount of genes describe this intelligence, the rice grain has about 10 000 more genes than us, and trees can have more than 100 000 times more! Who is the intelligent species?

photo 1

What can we learn from the seeds in the quest for our own health? A lot! Just like the seeds we can grow and expand or we can stay dormant. The life force in everything, Prana, gets something external to enhance the Prana within, and kick our energy and life force up to another level. We have to find what gives us that “kick”, that enhanced Prana. For the seeds we can see how easy it is when we soak them. That’s all they need – water – and you can literally watch them come alive and start growing. Find out how you need to be “soaked”!


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