The Blessed Unrest

blessed unrest book

I often thought it would have been fascinating to have experienced 1968 as a grown-up, and the 70s with all the new ideas and social responsibility born in those years. The peace movements to stop the Vietnam war, all wars, all bombs. The focus on human rights and gender equality, the ecological movement’s awakening. All looked so optimistic and grand. It’s a decade of a clear awakening of the human consciousness no doubt. That is what matters the most, that is how a change must occur, sooner or later.

Paul Hawken


Not until I read “The Blessed Unrest” did I understand that today we live in a time that is so much more awake, so much more aware of the social responsibility, the global responsibility. This book gave me a huge hope. I felt more joy than pain. It became more fun to act, than a must. This fabulous book by Paul Hawken compares times of social consciousness and he shows statistics that proves that never before, never in the history of humankind have so many done and has so much been done. On all levels, in all cultures there are individuals and groups that want a better world. So all skeptics, all of you that feel that “there is no point”, read it, see the video, and discover that there are all the points, all the reasons, to change what we want changed and have never been easier to change. To do and act is mind detoxing. It’s about health. Your health, and with it comes global health.

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