Weltschmerz? Act and Others Will Follow!

Anything from violence, ecological destruction, abuse or what ever gives you “Weltschmerz”, can be changed, has been changed and more can be done. I love this word because it describes the feeling of pain from things that we are not directly the cause of.  This fantastic German word means world-pain. A pain we get through we perceive as wrong and bad in the world. Let the frustration come, use it. Let it be the driving force to do good. If you do you will sparkle, feel alive, it gives you life force (Prana). Pick up the pieces of hope in the scenario of destruction. There is always hope. In the worst of scenarios, there is humanity, there is nature, there is beauty. Choose to see that to encourage you and others. Start there and make it grow. In the worst of ecological catastrophes there is a sprout of life pushing through the asphalt. OO7, #7; Action is the first solution.

Anne Frank - people good at heart

At our Olive Retreat we talk about the Ashtangas, the seven parts of Yoga. The first part is Yama; to find what is important for you in life. Then comes Niyama; to follow these values of yours. Why wait? Wait for what? Life is now! Walk your chosen direction and you will reach goals you couldn’t even imagine. I so agree with Anne Frank, I also think we are good at heart. We are not born evil, we learn to hate and be evil during life. There is always a good in all of us, that’s where we can start. That’s where our communication can touch. It’s also the only healthy way to be. If she could choose to see the good in all of us, anyone can. She was one of my first Gurus. Her book made a huge impact on me as a kid. If you haven’t read it, read it! I will, again. 

anne franks dairy - the book

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