You Have a Choice to See the Beauty…And Act!

OO7 PP#7

Everything is beautiful when seen through glasses of Hope. Yes, sometimes it is as simple as that! The choice is ours. In the worst of ecological catastrophes there is a sprout of life pushing through the asphalt. We can see the worst and stop, spiral into hopelessness, or we can see hope and act, do something, find the cause and try to change whatever needs to be changed. At Olive we have a few main thoughts, or principles, that we gathered in seven groups to explain our messages. Our OO7 Principal Principle #7, is Action is the First Solution. If the frustration you feel is about yourself, a problem that is keeping you from being at peace and happy, it is often that very problem that is also the solution. If food is your problem, food is your solution. If it’s alcohol, alcohol is the solution. If it’s your job or your boss, the job or the boss is your solution.

When we feel frustration about things that go wrong in the world it’s the same. We just need to be more creative and that creativity comes when we see the problems from different “out-of-the-box” angles. It comes when we understand why it happened and why they think and do what we see as “wrong”. It comes when we see the hope and beauty in the ugly. If BP contaminates our seas, BP is the solution. If violence and abuse is the problem, the ones involved are the solution. The only thing that differs is the way we communicate to them. It can be done through other ways than talking; consumer power, demonstrations, movies, blogs, etc. Everything can be said, it only depends on how you say it. If done without blame and guilt, but with care and love, it is more likely a change will occur.

anne frank - think of the beauty

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