Olive Retreat May 2014 Starts Today

Today we are greeting the Olive Retreat May 2014 Group. Some are new to us, some are coming back to us. Some want to relax, some want to learn, and some don’t know what they want more than that they want. Whatever the reason is to take them into a new experience and learning, it’s a good reason. Life is exploring. Life is changing. We know that coming to us requires an effort, for some even a large effort. To step out of the known, out of the comfort zone and trust the unknown is brave; it’s hopeful; it’s trusting.

Our guests open their minds to exploring a new way. No matter how much we try to explain what our retreats consist of before they book it, there is always a bit of mystery, a bit of excitement and thrill in the air. When we hear their stories, when we stumble over the incidents, the one-in-a-million chance of a click on our site, someone they met, an eye catcher as a central piece in the puzzle of coincidences, that brought them to the mountains in Andalusia with us, we can only feel humble, honoured and grateful. We meditate on this feeling, and driving through the mountains we reflect on it in silence. Is it possible that it is just a coincidence?

OO7 #1 there are no principals

Thank you!

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