See the Unseen in This Amazing Video

Our science is limited to the need to observe and see for anything to exist, but it is also this human fundamental desire to understand that made us see the unseen and come as far as we have in exploring the universe. We have always strived after knowledge and understanding. Our curiosity has made us explore the earth and the universe. We want to climb mountain tops and sail across the seas to see the unseen. What is at first impossible happens and becomes a miracle, then accessible for us all it gives birth to new desires and curiosity, the impossibles become miracles and so on. That is the evolution and constant change – to live is to explore. For good and bad. Beyond us, we can only be sure of one thing – things change and we can embrace it or fight it.

see the unseen TED

This TED-video (Mysteries of the Unseen World) shows one of those miracles. With the best microscopes and cameras now existing we can slow down or speed up motion to “see” and therefore understand and copy. We can see our smallest particles and understand our human micro-biome, surely leading to more and better natural treatments in the future. We love it! Hidden miracles of the natural world

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