Help Your ‘Molecules of Emotions’ With Mindfulness

Until we know more about our neurochemistry, how to heal and the cause of disease from science projects like BRAIN, we can try the theories we find most logical that we already have access to. At Olive Retreat we believe there are some interesting parts in most ancient and modern theories. As we are convinced that no expert nor medicine will know better than your body on how to heal, more than anything we use techniques to “listen in” so that we can notice when our bodies send signals to us at an early stage of imbalance. This is only possible when helping it. Only then, we have a chance to “hear” what needs to be done so it doesn’t go as far as to manifest in the body, the last manifestation (the mass part of us), where it takes longer time to heal and de-block. We lay the foundation by taking away the obvious stoppers like unhealthy food, stress and toxins, and with easy, proven and logical teachings like Yoga, Pranayamas and meditation we start seeing and feeling our needs. 

gut feeling after junk food


It’s so simple and so fast…once you know how! We have many gurus, many to learn from. Small children have an innate ability to stop, reflect and go into silence to feel their intuition. Wild animals too. It is a mindful, alert but meditative state of mind that most grown-ups forgot how to reach as we rely so much on “outer experts”. In the beginning of human existence it was a fundamental tool for survival. When the impala senses a threat it doesn’t need to see the lion, it takes off before the five senses proves the threat. To reach this knowledge and enhance the biochemistry to have more of it, we need a still and quite state of mind. It is obviously easier to practice it in silence, but a mindful person can reach that state in noisy places too. But it requires practice. In silence we can assign unique meanings and interpret creatively. Small children haven’t yet learned the boundaries of acceptable/unacceptable forms of behaviour. Simply watching, listening to, and living within the reality of a young child can stretch your perceptions and re-awaken your awareness. We have a lot to learn from them (and animals) in this sense.



Our impulses and emotions are influenced and often generated by a sort of cell memory from cells all around our body, including our brain which is seen as an organ. We can “train” this biochemistry by regular practice. Then our brains work to logically explain the emotion with a cascade of biochemistry, as Candace Pert explains in her groundbreaking science and book, Molecules of Emotions.

Molecules of Emotions

She proved that our emotions and feelings are chemistry that can be altered, by ourselves or by what we experience. We constantly process data from all around us like antennas receiving and sending, and store it in a type of memory in our cells below the level of conscious awareness. Accessing and understanding this information is part of what we call our intuition, an (ancient) learning and understanding. It can be seen as a database of knowledge from before the idea of “I” as a separate unit. Silence makes it heard.

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