OO7 #2: We Are A Process Not A product

OO7 #2 Fearless is creative

If we see ourselves as a process and not a finished product, there is nothing to measure, nothing to judge. Olive O7 Principals, our 7 Principals taught and talked, squeezed and released, at our Body & Mind Detox Retreats, are the fundamental base of all healthy living. There is no way to be healthy without reflecting upon these 7 reflexions of our universe. They can liberate us from convention and teach us to feel and trust in, not out.

We base them on all the ancient and modern philosophies we have stumbled upon from humanity’s creation and beyond, at universities and temples, in golden palaces and in slums. We’ve practiced them and explored them all around the world, with our own lives as the forum of study. They offer understanding, kindness, compassion, creativity, productivity, communication, peace…Health!

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