Give It 100% and Be Happy If It Doesn’t Happen!

If you go for it 100%, try your best, do all that comes to your mind for it to happen, and if you still don’t get it, will you be disappointed? Yes, most of us would. But why do we get disappointed? Why do we get sad, angry, or even craving it more with feelings of revenge and hate? It’s the expectation! Expectation on people, situations, ourselves and even God. It’s the feeling that we “deserve” it. When we want something and try our best to get it, and expect we will, that’s when we get disappointed. That’s when the self-pity comes.

But what if we try all we can, 100%, and even if it doesn’t happen as we wanted, we can get disillusioned and sad, but at peace anyway? Wouldn’t that be great! It’s when we understand and accept, that we are OK. We can even feel happy and proud of the experience and learning the hard work gave us and still be OK with another outcome. When we accept it wasn’t for us, we can walk on, maybe to a better outcome. It feels good to do ones best and all the positive things we get from doing it, whether it is a job, an investment, a relationship or anything else, even if we don’t reach the “goal”.

So, go for it 100%! And be happy even if it doesn’t happen, because something else will instead. The doing will do you.

become love

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