If You Can’t Change It – Love It!

There is really only two ways to deal with something we don’t like: Either we change it or we change ourselves. If a job situation, a relationship or a bad habit of ours has reached a point where we dislike it so much that it steals energy from us, we have to do something to stop that draining of energy, the draining of life force, Prana. If we don’t, we might get manifestations in the physical body as pain, stiffness and illness.

A very common area of frustration we hear about at Olive Retreat, is their work. They feel trapped doing a job they don’t like but it pays the bills and gives safety. When we only see obstacles and that it’s impossible to get a new job, or maybe we’ve even tried it already, we really only have one option – to love it! At one point we might have liked our work; remember why. At one point we saw possibilities; remember what they were. At one point we liked the colleagues; remember what we liked about them.

It’s when we can observe – release (see previous blogs) that we can feel grateful, thankful and compassion. That’s when the situation shifts to generate energy instead of draining us of energy. When the frustration is gone, changes occur! And often much better ones than we could have imagined. 


(The Holstee Manifesto)

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