Don’t Outsource Your Health – Only You Can Be Responsible For It!

We meet many guests that are “surprised” that they got ill, as if they don’t understand why. Many have done what they thought was the correct thing, not really aware of who they trusted with their health. Maybe by listening to the doctors, the authorities, the spouse, the mother or read a few articles now and then. But to know how to stay healthy in an unhealthy environment as ours, we have to spend some more time and effort in getting to know what is healthy and not. Statistically we spend more time and effort in making money to buy things and capital goods, than we spend on our health. Why? We at Olive, believe the reason is simply Convention! We do what we have been told to do, by society, the educational system, relatives, friends, etc. But we feel there is a shift in the air. A shift towards more personal responsibility, less trust in society taking care of us and more awareness of our government being in the hands of the market economy to a great extent.

unhealthy food supermarket

To be honest it is kind of a new problem we are facing. It is only since the 50’s that we have had the real change of values in our society leading to where we are today. Until now we have largely trusted the authorities with our health. Humans have created over 75 000 new chemicals since 1940. 75% of what is sold in a mainstream supermarket is not food. The criteria of what is legally accepted as alimentation is decided by the industry, not the authorities. That’s the society we created. That is why we can’t outsource our health. So take action! Know what you eat. Learn how your body and mind thrive and what makes you ill. If you join our classes, Olive Retreat can be more of a health course than only an isolated relaxing retreat. All our teachings aim to make what might seem complicated, really easy. We give you the necessary knowledge so that anyone (our youngest client so far is a 5 year old) can understand what is food and what is not food, why some type of exercise is better than others, why mindfulness is rejuvenating and so on.


Men tend to outsource their health to their wives (and women tend to outsource their economy to their men) which is a huge burden for them. If a man gets ill, who’s to blame? Did he eat her food, trust her advice, reluctantly go for all those walks she suggested when he just wanted to go to the pub and see the last football game? We have met so many worried and sad women, blaming themselves because their men got cancer, stroke or another illness. They don’t understand what they did wrong. They feel guilty and suffer as they have unconsciously accepted the outsourcing of the responsibility for the family health. When they see the pattern, understand that they did their best, understand that they maybe trusted the authorities and doctors without seeing the market forces behind their recommendations. Wow! I know exactly where they come from. I also took on that role; the family healer role and I was never enough, never learnt enough, never at peace, always doubting myself being enough. It is a huge burden. So, fizz it up you guys! Thank them and then free your mums and your wives and take responsibility for your own health. You can’t outsource it! Health starts by empowering yourself with your own health and deciding what YOU mean with being healthy.


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