We Offer Body and Mind Massage

Gabor mate quote mind

Today we start a new exciting Olive Retreat. New beautiful people flying in. Different stories, but often the same worries. We feel honored to be trusted, so grateful to be able to care for them, and help them create their world of peace and health. We give all our guests an Olive Body & Mind Massage. Our OO7 principals are the fundament in all our teachings. We serve them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s the Spine in our Yoga and the Air in our Pranayamas. It comes to us in our Meditations, the Vibes that resonates with us when we feel the relief of understanding. That’s when after a week we leave with trust and hope. In ourselves and in others. That’s when we know that whatever happens the Future Me will know how to solve it.

Welcome to Olive Retreat!




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