Replace I With We and Illness Becomes Wellness

Sometimes I feel so tired and bored of the Me as a subject of conversation or thought. I don’t want to think about myself, feel what I feel or reflect on how or what I do. When I get that signal from myself to myself, I know that it is time to meditate on non-judgment, and observe to understand, not to accuse or make (me) wrong. That’s when I feel “Oneness”, and it is a state of mindful bliss. I can get there by studying, or connecting with my friends and family around the world. The best for me is to work for a good cause or charity, or to help others. I simply need to get out of myself, and I find it extremely healthy and mind detoxing.


Mother Teresa, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Mandela, ML King, Gandhi, Alfred Nobel, they all expressed it in one way or another. It’s healthy to find a way to understand and help others but without sacrificing!  Where that limit is, we only know ourselves. There is a distinct difference between sacrificing and helping. We definitely feel well when we dedicate a lot of time to others, when we see others as part of us. When we feel that understanding, supporting, caring and loving others, is loving ourselves too. That’s when there is no “limit” to love, that’s when more generates more. That’s when it is healing and probably the quickest and best way to heal too.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that people famous for their community work are often healthy and live to an old age (even if they don’t have what we would call a healthy lifestyle). Mother Teresa is a good example and many more with her. When we sometimes “get stuck” in ourselves we analyze ourselves relative to others, that’s when we sooner or later fall into judging. Judging is always based on separation, alienation and the thinking of them versus us, me versus you, making ourselves or others wrong. In the judging oneness can’t exist. Judgment is not staying in the observation to understand, it is crossing the fine line to “accusing”. Judgment is negative, understanding is positive. Against ourselves, others and all there is. I know it’s tricky to not pass this fine line, but there are a few good ways to mind detox here, thought in many different ways, so more on this soon.

Mother Teresa quote judge

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