Voltaire is Proven Right – Happy is Healthy

Voltaire - fra bon pour ma sante

“I have decided to be happy, because it is healthy”

We couldn’t agree more Monsieur Voltaire! Yesterdays blog was about how negativity is like smoking, it is unhealthy not only to the one doing being negative but also to others. Few things are as healthy as positive thinking, but not the kind where you “Fake it till you make it”. Not the one where you stand in front of the mirror and repeatedly say; ‘I love myself’. It doesn’t matter how many times you say it if you just don’t. It will be like a putting make up on, hiding your true feeling. The change comes when you are honest and accept that you can’t say it and study why. That’s when you can observe – release. That’s when you can figure out yourself as a sequence of happenings. When did it start and how did it continue?

Often it is something that started in childhood, from around 6-7 years of age where we start disliking ourselves little by little, and it is always a belief we get from interpreting others (siblings, parents, teachers, friends). A teachers glance at your work and shaking their head can be enough for you to fundament a thought of not being good at math. The teacher never meant any harm, but they did. Or if they meant to cause harm, they are a typical person that doesn’t reflect upon how their actions can hurt and probably they don’t love themselves. We are all a process, always evolving, it never ends but we can choose our direction. One direction will give you healthy Prana the other won’t.


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