Veganism Changes Yourself and the World

Einstein quotes vegetarina


Did you know that vegan food enhances production of anti-inflammatory substances? It means that we actually have less biochemical stress when we eat vegan food, leading to less stress hormones produced. I agree with Einstein, I often find vegan people calm and less aggressive too. He didn’t just mean it from an ecological view point. He also meant, that any form of killing leads to more killing. It’s energy. Vibrations. Whether you do it or you have a butcher doing it for you. What we send is what we get back. What we think is what we create, about ourselves and others.

To me it is also a biochemical fact. We know that digesting meat leaves more toxic residue in the tummy and especially the colon. That’s one reason why the incidence of colon cancer is so much higher within meat eaters. Any toxin would cause more inflammation. Have societies that are big meat eaters also been in most wars? Maybe there is some truth to it. It is not a coincidence that people that strive after calming their minds, with any mindfulness practice like Yoga and meditation eat less meat. It just calms you.



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