Hormones and Toxins in Our Water; PCO, Endometriosis…

Did you know that there is so much estrogen in our soils and drinking water from all the contraceptive pills we take, that they affect us all in one way or another? We know for a fact that girls mature at a much earlier age than 50 years ago and hormone induced cancer has boomed for both men and women (increased with about 30% the last 30 years, except for prostate that’s increased about 85%). So has infertility, endometriosis and PCO. These are all inflammation based issues and can as such be decrease with an “anti-inflammatory  lifestyle” quite fast.

We can’t do much about our soil or water except stop polluting it (and maybe filter it) but we can do a lot about what we feed our bodies and minds with. The most inflammatory food we eat is meat, sugar and coffee. I won’t mention pre-fab food, additives, fizzy drinks, fake juices, baked goods, etc, because I don’t even see that as food. Part of the becoming healthy is to avoid what is called the endocrine disrupters: chemicals that harm the hormones (and more). They are found in plastic bottles and packages, toys, baby bottles and dummies, metal food cans, detergents, flame retardants, food, cosmetics (don’t put on your skin what you wouldn’t eat), pesticides, and much more. Lay off on the cleaning and smelling “good” and accept that we are not roses and shouldn’t smell like them. Get rid of the air fresheners as they aren’t fresh at all, and they make you ill. And use much less than the producers claim you need.

endocrine disruptors

To detox (for any reason) firstly you need to get rid of as many of these harmful chemicals as you can by simply not buying them. You’ll save money and detox yourself, your family and the Earth. If we stick to an organic plant based diet as much as possible we have helped ourselves a lot. Add a bit of sweating exercises for detox, like running and muscle stretching (not shortening) like yoga, and we have laid a good fundament for health, not only for our endocrine system but also overall. Then there is the mind part which goes hand in hand: caring for oneself is caring for others and the environment.

plastic earth

Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome and endometriosis is a huge and painful problem for young women. It is not talked openly about so much, probably because it is not only a health problem, but they are often told they can never conceive. It’s both heartbreaking and painful. It comes with the risk of not being able to get pregnant, and all of what that means for her and her partner. While given pain killers as the only remedy, which only provides temporary relief, they actually make the problem worse long term. This is easier said than done since I know how it is to live in pain, but there is no other way than to work on your health and get rid of all non-essential medicine step by step.


The only thing that helps is to detox, and to get started on the path to health. There are many supplements that can help, all based on some form of anti-oxidant, so that the body can get rid of the toxins usually disturbing the uterus. The toxins from the pain killers is also the largest reason why these women more than others, suffer miscarriages. Nature has made sure that a child should not be able to grow in a toxic environment and therefore aborts naturally. But like all wet tissue in our bodies it doesn’t take much more than a few months of healthy living and the right supplements to detox enough for the endometriosis and PCO to fall back. What supplements to take depends on what your toxins might be, i.e. how you have lived, eaten, partied, etc. For more on this see this TED-talk.

2 thoughts on “Hormones and Toxins in Our Water; PCO, Endometriosis…

  1. You guys continually post such interesting articles! Fo r me I live with a very typical family – mind you I am the only vegetarian here they consume all of the classic KD, hamburger helper, pop tarts, and so on, they only buy and drink water bottles. it’s pretty sad and even though I try to influence them it ceases to work sometimes. And it is very hard for me to stay true to my virtues whenever I am surrounded by temptation.

    1. Hi Amber, yes I know that feeling. I believe we can only help the ones that asks for help. Stay with what is healthy for you, and if you do the shopping and cooking you are the boss 🙂 I told my family to write up if they wanted something on the shopping list, and when they forgot I didn’t buy it. When they got older I even told them to make their own food if they wanted crap. I wouldn’t stop them but wouldn’t make it, because it harms them…they asked why I sent them a link, slowly but surely they ate more and more healthy and now it’s not an issue. Good luck, I’m sure you are doing great.

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