Don’t Stay in Anger – Use the Feeling to Understand

If you stay angry you suffer. If you take a moment to find out why you are angry, you can let go and understand why. Is the problem within you or is it with someone or something else? Understanding is fundamental in compassion, both towards ourselves and others. Compassion is the beginning of lasting change. Blame, guilt and pity is the opposite. But unfortunately it is mostly what we learn from childhood and up, through authority! In some societies more than others. Classical expressions with no understanding at all include: shame on you; you shouldn’t…; it’s your fault; save your tears; just do what I say…

I try to find authority with compassion or love, but I don’t find it compatible. If you do let me know! Authority is not cooperation and communication, it’s not respect and support. It doesn’t open up for differences and different opinions. Not on any level, not in society, at work, in school, in families, in medical treatments, in couples, friends. Authority is patronizing, it’s giving orders and often expressed with anger and the classical ‘..end of discussion!’ statement. Our society is built on it, based on seeing the bad rather than the good in people. We have all felt it, at work, at school, at home. Management studies have proven how costly it is to run a business based on authority. Authority is taken, leadership is given.

Those who see the sorrow behind your sadness, the suffering behind your anger, and the meaning behind your silence truly love you. Thank them because they give you health, they give you Prana.

angry people lovong people

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