Try to Get it as Close to How Nature Produced it as Possible

At Olive Retreat we try to adjust everything we do to live and treat our body and mind as natural as possible, and we find ways to adjust to a busy modern life style. It requires a lot of studying of biochemistry and biology, understanding our human nature, and after that even more, it requires loads of common sense with trial and error. Everyone that can read is capable of doing the same as us. One thing we learnt over the years is the importance of seeing ourselves as natural beings. If we go crazy sometimes, we then realize that it is maybe the society that is stressed and crazy, not us. It’s the society we created that is hyperactive, and could be diagnosed with ADHD, we are just mirroring it like this modern Goddess!

busy modern goddess

With natural we basically mean what we have probably been developed to do or not do, over billions of years. This focus is something we try to apply to all we do. It takes a bit or research to find the most naturally grown crops, or combinations of foods to compose the right dishes for each and every one at our retreats, to find a way to exercise and relax fitting it into a busy lifestyle, etc, but it is perfectly possible for everyone to learn and find their way. The same goes for finding supplements that can help you not only to achieve better health in general, but also to ease your health issues. 


We try as much as possible to take the supplements that come in their natural form – plants. One super supplement that is great for many things, relative to the cost, is Grape Seed Extract. It  has over 200 OPC’s (oligomeric procyanidins) or polyphenols having anti-oxidative properties. One of those OPC’s is Resveratrol, well researched and known for doing wonders for people with allergy, CVD, asthma, immune system deficiencies, and the list goes on. The way we think is to take not only the Resveratrol but the whole extract, with all those fantastic OPC’s, as we have no idea how they cooperate to do what nature intended them to do for us. Research supports this idea as well and many producers make their supplements accordingly. With the extract we of course eat plants, only plants.



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