Exercise: what does that word do to you?

Phew! That horrible word…bad conscience arising? Or do you feel it is fun and you can’t wait until you can get out there? If you feel that it is boring, a ‘must-do’, it is essential to observe-release first. Otherwise the likelihood that you wil stop doing any exercise is huge, studies say. Exercise is like all good habits; at first hard, painful, and often boring and when we get over the top of the effort curve, it just goes by itself. It’s biochemistry. The body starts asking us to do exercise. The body gets used to less stress hormones, and the body will start finding a new homeostasis (balance) with the happy and healthy hormones produced when doing exercise. The opposite happens, we feel bad when we don’t exercise. At that point it is self going.

I don’t think I have to explain that we all need to do exercise to feel well. We know that from all the overwhelming amount of science and evidence from studies. But if you want me to blog statistics, just let me know. It is as if we don’t use our bodies, we communicate to it that it is no longer needed and we start deteriorating, returning to the eco system, giving our minerals to where it is more needed than in a sofaV infront of the TV.

To give our bodies the exercise we need we have to think of a muscle building (anaerobic) and a cardio training (aerobic) exercise. At our retreats we most often have clients that are very busy, they work a lot, live in urban areas and travel quite a bit. That’s why we also understand that everything we teach has to fit a tight schedule and that is no problem at all. That’s why we recommend to get a habit of power walking or even better and less time consuming, running, to get the cardio fitness. Yoga is an excellent exercise for muscle building and flexibility for the same reason. We can walk everywhere, even when traveling we can always find an area to go for a walk. I even do airports, up and down, never sit still, as I will have to sit on the plane.

As long as you have  2 square meters you can do yoga. A hotel room is usually ok for that. I believe that yoga is the best way to build muscles, gain flexibility and meditate all at the same time. What a time saver! It is actually a way to use the body, by making postures (Asanas), and connecting with ourselves, i.e. to use the body mindfully and meditate. That’s why we recommend these two forms of exercise. If you then apart, form these two, have other forms of exercise where you require a hall, tools or a team, thats fantastic. But don’t stop exercising with the excuse that you can’t. You would just build on your unhealthy habit doing so.

Next blog I’ll tell you why finger shoes is the best for your knees when you run.


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