Movies That Make You Think

I saw two movies that are totally different and that can give you two different insights. I would never recommend any movie where I didn’t see that there is some form of learning offered. There are enough empty movies around.

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is an epic movie about the concept of ‘Karma’ rebirth and reincarnation. Whether you believe in this or not, it can also be seen as a rebirth during your life, meaning that what ever I do today will form my future. If we try to reason about if there is an afterlife or not, if we are more than this 3D body or if this is it, we get stuck. No priest, monk, scientist, or anyone is going to be able to ‘prove’ to you what the truth is. So we believe. And wether you believe in reincarnation or not, it is still a belief.

I see Karma as the thought and action that forms us, and therefore our future actions and thoughts. For me it is more about how I decorate my day to day, not so much a longer perspective. It is like decorating the house I live in. If I make it kind and loving it will simply be nicer to live in. If I do kind things expecting back payment later, here or in my next life, the house will not be decorated with beautiful feelings at all. This goes, not to forget, for the nice and kind acts towards myself too.


Her movie

Her is a futuristic movie that points out the possible scenario of our relationship to technology. Yes, relationship! Already today this is happening but in other ways. It reminds us of how we can fall in love through a screen, leaving out the real, physical meeting, and what that means to us. It raises the question if this is good or not. What can one type of relationship do that the other can’t? Is it less real or important just because it’s done through a screen?

I wouldn’t say it is good nor bad, but we can learn something about ourselves if we feel better and safer not meeting people. I see how a relationship through a screen can be as important for a personal growth as a ‘real relationship’ can be devastating. The question is rather why we get intimidated by a real meeting? I think it is our inherited conventional roles that burden us, not only in a relationship of lovers, in all relationships; friends, parents, siblings, at work. If we observe ourselves it is possible to release and let go of what hurts and stop ourselves from being or conventional selves with others.

Technology is simply a new way of meeting and obviously some have a hard time seeing this as good for us (or their children) and therefore blame technology and the chat forums. Good or bad, or both? Up to oneself to figure out. The only time I can see the relationships through a screen as unhealthy, is when the real meeting can never bloom, and all our natural sensory systems can’t communicate to us as they are not fully stimulated. They tell so much more than we think or understand, and are part of the energy in connection to others, specially if we love, or think we love the person.

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